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Court of Appeal of Quebec - Since 1849


The jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal is very broad.

In civil matters, the Court of Appeal hears appeals of final judgments of the Superior Court and the Quebec Court where the value of the object of the dispute is $50 000.00 or more. It also hears appeals from a number of categories of judgments of the Superior Court in which the dispute is not directly related to a monetary value.

Also within the jurisdiction of this Court are final judgments of the Quebec Court where the jurisdiction of the latter is derived from a statute other than the Code of Civil Procedure, final judgments in cases of contempt of court where no other court has jurisdiction, judgments and orders concerning adoption, and final judgments relating to confinement in an establishment and psychiatric examinations.

The Court of Appeal also hears appeals from judgments of the Superior Court in matters of judicial review, bankruptcy and divorce.

With leave of a Court of Appeal judge, any other judgment of the Superior Court or the Quebec Court may be appealed, if it raises an issue that should be submitted to the Court.

In most criminal and penal matters, the Court of Appeal has jurisdiction to hear appeals from the verdict and the sentence.