Aid agencies and community groups

Please note that this list in not exhaustive.

Action travail des femmes (ATF)

  • Organization helping women who are socioeconomically disadvantaged in their efforts to gain access to employment, particularly in non-traditional fields. ATF is, at times, mandated by victims to file a complaint with the CDPDJ.

Amnesty International (Canadian Section)

  • Independent international organization advocating for the respect of Human Rights around the world. The website contains information on various legal issues related to Human Rights, such as prisoners of conscience, child labour, etc. It also offers information, in simple and everyday language, on international law and the different conventions that aim to enforce rights and freedoms.

Association des groupes d’intervention en défense des droits en santé mentale du Québec (AGIDD-SMQ)

  • Organization advocating for the rights of people living with mental illness.

Au bas de l’échelle

  • Organization dedicated to public education and the defence of the rights of non-unionized workers.

Center for Research-Action on Race Relations (CRARR)

  • Organization supporting and defending victims of discrimination based on race, colour, and ethnic or national origin. The CRARR is, at times, mandated by victims to file a complaint with the CDPDJ.

Confédération des organismes provinciaux de personnes handicapées du Québec (COPHAN)

  • COPHAN is a network of community organizations whose mission includes the promotion of universal access for people living with functional limitations and their families.

Fondation Émergence 

  • The mission of this organization is to inform the population and raise awareness about the rights of LGBT persons in Québec via training programs, for example.

Groupe d’aide et d’information sur le harcèlement sexuel au travail de la province de Québec inc. (GAIHST)

  • This organization assists people who have been subjected to sexual and/or psychological harassment at work and who undertake procedures, notably before the CDPDJ. A help and information telephone service is also available.