General legal information

Commission des services juridiques (Legal Aid)

  • Agency responsible for applying Québec’s Act respecting legal aid and the provision of certain other legal services. The website includes eligibility criteria as well as legal information video clips.


  • Organization whose mission is to provide legal information to the general public in simple and everyday language. Their website also contains video clips.

Juris Référence

  • Assistance service regarding the preparation of cases before the Small Claims Court and referral to lawyers’ services at affordable costs.

L’Avocat virtuel

  • Directory of 1,200 useful links to the work of Québec lawyers regarding legislation, legal sources and various areas of law.

La Fondation du Barreau du Québec

  • The website provides a series of documents in the section entitled “Seul devant la Cour”, which clearly explains the procedures to be followed when you represent yourself in court.

The Québec Law Network

  • The website provides legal information for the general public as well as for lawyers. It also contains legal documents that may be useful to individuals as well as to businesses (e.g. Québec Will Kit, documents to help prepare a letter of formal notice, etc.)