The Honourable Lucie Rondeau has been appointed Chief Judge of the Court of Québec (October 27, 2016)
Presentation of the Court of Québec
  The Court of Québec (December 13, 2016) pdf
  Being a Judge in the Court of Québec
Court of Québec Public Reports
  Key Developments 2016-2017 pdf - New
  Public Report 2015 pdf
  Public Report 2014 pdf
  Public Report 2013 pdf
  Public Report 2012 - Abridged Version pdf
  Public Report 2011 - Abridged Version pdf
  Public Report 2010, extract pdf
Three-Year Vision
  Three-Year Vision 2015-2016-2017 pdf
  The Court of Québec, A Modern Court - Three-Year Vision 2012-2013-2014 pdf
  Three-Year Plan for 2005-2008
Information Documents
  Judges and the Media (Hon. Guy Gagnon - 2008) pdf
Other Publications
  Statement of Principle of Québec Forum on Access to Civil and Family Justice pdf
  The "Pre-Action Protocol", Is It Part of the Solution? pdf
  Justice in Aboriginal Communities: Working to Increase Synergy pdf
  A Judicial Reform Based on the Needs of Citizen pdf
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