The Honourable Lucie Rondeau has been appointed Chief Judge of the Court of Québec (October 27, 2016) - New
Presentation of the Court of Québec
  The Court of Québec (December 13, 2016) pdf
  Being a Judge in the Court of Québec
Court of Québec Public Reports
  Public Report 2015 pdf
  Public Report 2014 pdf
  Public Report 2013 pdf
  Public Report 2012 - Abridged Version pdf
  Public Report 2011 - Abridged Version pdf
  Public Report 2010, extract pdf
Three-Year Vision
  Three-Year Vision 2015-2016-2017 pdf
  The Court of Québec, A Modern Court - Three-Year Vision 2012-2013-2014 pdf
  Three-Year Plan for 2005-2008
Information Documents
  Judges and the Media (Hon. Guy Gagnon - 2008) pdf
Other Publications
  Statement of Principle of Québec Forum on Access to Civil and Family Justice pdf
  The "Pre-Action Protocol", Is It Part of the Solution? pdf
  Justice in Aboriginal Communities: Working to Increase Synergy pdf
  A Judicial Reform Based on the Needs of Citizen pdf
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