Professional Development

Aware of the fact that professional development are essential to performing judicial responsibilities, and in order for the judges to be able to render quality justice to which everyone subject to the jurisdiction of the courts is entitled, the Court has adopted a policy and a master program on professional development.

Two appointments were made following the implementation of this policy: a judge in charge of professional development as well as another judge responsible for national and international matters. They are given administrative support by a permanent secretariat, which is attached to the Office of the Chief Judge. In addition, an advisory committee has been set up to provide the Court advice on training and development matters.

The master program specifies the nature of the training sessions offered to the judges and provides them with opportunities to benefit from sustained support, from the time of their appointment until their retirement.

The wide range of training sessions available to judges cover topics as varied as the formulation and writing of judgments, trial conduct, ethics, and social realities. Annual training sessions are also held in each region to meet specific needs expressed by the judges and provide continuously updated information.

Judges’ professional development includes programs that help them further their legal, technical, and scientific knowledge and learn more about the various aspects of a diverse, multicultural society.

The success and quality of the professional development in the Court of Québec are due to the combined effort of the judges, a number of whom play a role in designing or organizing training sessions or serving as a committee member, a training leader or guest speaker.

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