Three-Year Plan for 2005-2008

The Court has adopted a three-year plan establishing the priorities for 2005-2008. This plan bears witness to the Court's will to actively take part in improving the judicial system. It contains four types of measures:

Measures focusing on people subject to the jurisdiction of the Court

  • Drug Treatment Court
  • alternate methods of settling disputes
  • the Court's jurisdiction in matters of administrative law
  • caseflow management
  • the judicial process in criminal matters
  • the website of Québec's judicial council (Conseil de la magistrature du Québec)
  • justice in remote aboriginal communities.

Measures focusing on more efficient organization of the Court

  • the change in a judge's place of residence
  • Presiding Justices of the Peace
  • management resources
  • assistant (supernumerary) judges
  • the Research Department
  • the training of Coordinating Judges and Associate Coordinating Judges
  • the administrative structure of the master program for judges' training

Measures focusing on extending the influence of the Court

  • the publication of a public report
  • updating the presentation publication

Other measures

  • administrative independence
  • the Regulation respecting the procedure for the selection of persons apt for appointment as judges
  • The Regulation of the Court of Québec
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