Québec Court Authorities

The Court of Québec is made up of 306 judges, including the chief judge, the senior associate chief judge and four associate chief judges.A court with such a large number of judges and called upon to serve such a vast territory as the province of Québec must have an organization structure so that its members can carry out their responsibilities efficiently, in order to serve the people who are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts, and society in general.

And that is why the Courts of Justice Act provides for the Government’s appointment of judges to hold management positions:

  • the chief judge, who is in charge of managing the Court and who, in particular, has the responsibility of ensuring compliance with the Judicial Code of Ethics
  • the senior associate chief judge, who assists and advises the chief judge, in performing all his responsibilities
  • four associate chief judges, who also assist the chief judge and advise him in relation to the matters coming under the division to which they are assigned (civil, criminal and penal or youth) and in relation to the municipal courts.

The term of office of the chief judge, the senior associate chief judge and the associate chief judges is 7 years and may not be renewed.The place of residence of the chief judge and the senior associate chief judge is in Québec City or the immediate surrounding area. They mainly perform their responsibilities there. The Office of the Chief Judge is located at the courthouse in Québec City as well as at the courthouse in Montréal.

From among the Court judges, the chief judge also appoints ten coordinating judges and twelve associate coordinating judges. The coordinating judges and associate coordinating judges look after efficiently running the day-to-day judicial activities within their territory or respective division and can be entrusted with any other tasks by the chief judge. The term of office of the coordinating judges and associate coordinating judges is 3 years, and may be renewed.

In addition, two judges are responsible, respectively, for professional development, and presiding justices of the peace.

Lastly, a specially designated presiding justice of the peace assists the justice responsible for presiding justices of the peace who has been designated under the Act.

It is within the greatest respect of judicial independence that judges in management positions perform their responsibilities in relation to judges.

Court of Québec Organization Chart (December 11, 2017) PDF version


Chief Judge Lucie Rondeau October 26, 2016 –
Senior Associate Chief Judge Scott Hughes February 1, 2017 –
Associate Chief Judge for Civil Division Henri Richard December 11, 2017 –
Associate Chief Judge for Youth Division Robert Proulx February 1, 2017 –
Associate Chief Judge for Criminal and Penal Division Danielle Côté June 16, 2011 –
Associate Chief Judge responsible for Municipal Courts André Perreault February 17, 2010 –


Chief judges

From left to right, Mario Tremblay, Senior Associate Chief Judge (August 31, 2016), Lucie Rondeau, Chief Judge, and Danielle Côté, Associate Chief Judge for Criminal and Penal Division. In the background, André Perreault, Associate Chief Justice responsible for Municipal Courts, Pierre E. Audet, Associate Chief Judge for Civil Division, and Claude C. Boulanger, Associate Chief Judge for Youth Division (August 31, 2016).


Lucille Chabot, Abitibi-Temiscamingue–Nord-du-Québec
Richard Côté, Bas-Saint-Laurent–Côte-Nord–Gaspesie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine
Conrad Chapdelaine, Estrie
Jean-Pierre Archambault, Laval–Laurentides–Lanaudiere–Labelle
Guylaine Tremblay, Mauricie–Bois-Francs–Centre-du-Québec
Marc Bisson, Montérégie
Denis Saulnier, Montréal
Rosemarie Millar, Outaouais
Jean-Louis Lemay, Québec–Chaudière-Appalaches
Richard P. Daoust, Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean


François Boisjoli, Bas-Saint-Laurent–Côte-Nord–Gaspesie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine
Élaine Bolduc, Laval–Laurentides–Lanaudiere–Labelle (Youth Division)
Michel Bellehumeur, Laval–Laurentides–Lanaudiere–Labelle (Criminal and Penal Division)
Mélanie Roy, Montérégie (Youth Division)
Claude P. Laporte, Montérégie (Civil Division)
Hélène V. Morin, Montréal (Criminal and Penal Division)
Louise Comeau, Montréal (Civil Division)
Odette Fafard, Montréal (Youth Division)
Pierre A. Gagnon, Québec–Chaudière-Appalaches (Civil Division)
Judith Landry, Québec–Chaudière-Appalaches (Youth Division)

Martine L. Tremblay, responsible for Administrative and Appeal Division (Civil Division)
Claude Leblond, responsible for Special Penal Cases Division (Criminal and Penal Division)


Chief judges, coordinating judges and associate coordinating judges

The team of chief judges, coordinating judges and associate coordinating judges.

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