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Beauharnois (Salaberry-de-Valleyfield)

Calling of the provisional roll in civil and family matters


September 17, 2012
October 24, 2012
December 10, 2012
January 16, 2013
February 19, 2013
March 18, 2013
April 22, 2013
June 17, 2013

A notice of convocation is sent by the master of the rolls.

The roll is generally called in courtroom 5 at 9 a.m. unless otherwise indicated.

Attorneys familiar with the case must be present for the calling of the provisional roll, ready to discuss the case in particular with regard to the following points:

• The approximate duration of the inquiry and hearing;
• The matters in dispute;
• The exhibits, expert testimony, examinations and documents relating to the dispute;
• The scheduled number of witnesses;
• The choice of a date for the trial that suits both the attorneys and the parties and witnesses; their availability must be verified before the attorneys attend the calling of the provisional roll.

A failure to meet these requirements may cause the case to be struck off the roll.

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