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Bedford (Cowansville)
Hearing or testimony by videolink or telephone conference call

The use of technological assistance during hearings at the Cowansville courthouse is possible in the following situations:

Every application for the holding of a telephone conference call must be submitted to the judge assigned to hear the case (if any) or to the coordinating judge.


To hear witnesses during an examination on the merits, a videolink may be used based on the following procedure:

  • the parties must have obtained prior authorization, by telephone, from the judge assigned to hear the case (if known) or from the coordinating judge;
  • at least five days before the hearing, the parties or their attorneys must contact the person responsible for audiovisual and electronic support at 450-263-3521, ext. 68109 to make the necessary technical arrangements.

Please note that unless a videolink is specifically required, the technology cannot be used if a telephone conference call would otherwise meet all the requirements of the hearing (for example: to hear a witness at a hearing presided at by a judge).

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