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Calling of the roll in civil and family matters

Calling of motions on the general roll, presided by the special clerk. Cases referred to courtroom 2.03 or 2.04.

Courtroom 2.03:

Calling of the roll by the coordinating judge or the coordinating judge’s substitute. Each week, a roll of contested family and civil cases for which a date has been fixed and that are ready to proceed is called, and motions referred by the special clerk sitting in courtroom 2.02 are heard.

Non-contested or ex parte motions are heard with priority, along with representations.

The judge sitting in courtroom 2.03 designates the judge who will hear civil cases in courtroom 2.04 and the judge who will hear family cases in courtroom 2.05.

The judge sitting in courtroom 2.03 refers contested cases to courtroom 2.04 and 2.05, which are heard with priority.

The judge sitting in courtroom 2.03 hears contested cases with priority before interim applications in family cases referred by the special clerk.

Courtroom 2.04:

The judge hears, first, non-contested applications for the extension of a time limit and applications for an injunction.

Next, the judge hears cases referred by the judge responsible for courtroom 2.03.

Last, the judge hears contested motions in civil matters referred by the special clerk in courtroom 2.02.

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