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Application for special case management or to fix a hearing by preference

Applications for special case management must first be presented in courtroom 2.02 before being forwarded to a judge who will dispose of the matter.

A judge who considers that an application may be presented to the chief justice will ask the parties to contact the chief justice’s office, which will set a date for the application to be heard before the chief justice.

Once a Joint Declaration that a File is Complete has been produced by the parties and the case has been declared ready to be heard, the managing judge contacts the master of the rolls to ascertain the dates available for a hearing. The judge, jointly with the parties, fixes the date of the hearing and notifies the master of the rolls, who enters it on the roll.

Special case management does not create precedence for the date of the trial. If the parties wish to be heard more quickly than allowed by the roll, they must present a Motion for Entry on the Roll by Preference.

Applications for a hearing by preference under section 23 of the Rules of Practice in Civil Matters of the Superior Court must be presented to the coordinating judge.

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