Lien vers tribunal des professions

Richelieu (Sorel-Tracy)

Calling of the roll in civil and family matters

At the calling of the provisional rolls mentioned below, the attorneys involved in the case must have completed and filed a Joint Declaration that a File is Complete (DCDC). They must, in addition, personally or through correspondents, bring to the judge’s attention any development likely to influence the duration of the hearing and be in a position to state their availability, and the availability of all their witnesses, for each of the terms mentioned in the notice from the clerk’s office for the Superior Court.

Hearings for cases with an expected duration of less than three days are fixed when the general roll is called.

The roll is called twice every year, in June and December, in courtroom 1.34 at 10 a.m.

Hearings with an expected duration of three days or more are fixed by the coordinating judge working with the person responsible for the rolls of cases of long duration in Montréal.

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