Consolidated notices to members of the Bar
(Content of all current Notices, including archived Notices)

Application of the New Rules of Procedure in Civil Matters

Applications to Obtain Authorization with Respect to Care (Art. 776 C.p.c.)

Calling of the Provisional Roll

Case Management in Civil and Family Matters during the summer (Room 2.12)

Civil Case Management : Notices and Motions to Extend Delays Presented in Room 2.16 and Transferable to Room 2.07

Civil Matters - Common list of Jurisprudence

Consolidation of proceedings, June 5, 2018

Directive - Contempt of Court and Order to appear

Duration of Applications to dismiss and Exceptions to dismiss

Motions for Evocation and Judicial Review (Art. 846 C.p.c.)

Motions Presented in Civil Practice Divisions (Rooms 2.16 and 2.08)

Motions to Institute Proceedings in Civil Matters


Scheduling of hearings

Uncontested Motions to Extend the Delay for Inscription by Conference Call


Commercial Division - Common List of Jurisprudence

Commercial Division - General Directives


Criminal division

Motions Seeking the Reduction in the Number of Years of Imprisonment without Eligibility for Parole - (s.745.6(1) of the Criminal Code)

Settlement Conference

Request for Settlement Conference


Applications for Divorce, for Separation from Bed and Board, in Nullity of Marriage and for Various Other Family Matters by Default to Appear or to Plead (ex parte) or by Joint Application

Case Management in Civil and Family Matters during the summer (Room 2.12)

Exemption from Providing a Certificate Attesting that a Party Has Participated in a Parenting and Mediation Information Session (Art. 417, para. 2, C.C.P.)

Family Matters - Common list of Jurisprudence

Motions in Family Practice Division

Motions to Institute Proceedings - Family Matters (except for those provided by Article 813.9 C.C.P.)

Provisional Roll - Family Matters - Conference calls

Class Action

Central Registry of Class Actions

Class Action Division - Common list of Jurisprudence

New Central Registry


Double-sided Printing

Guidelines Concerning the Use of Technological Devices in Courtrooms


Recent and Archived Notices




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